Simple Rails & AWS Lambda Integration using Rack

Event-driven and deeply integrated within AWS, Lambda allows your Rails architecture to be completely reimagined atop fully managed infrastructure resources like API Gateway, SQS, S3, CloudWatch, IAM, and much more. Using Lamby can help your engineering teams learn to "program the cloud".

Rails on AWS Lambda. Serverless Architecture.

Lamby is as a Rack adapter that converts AWS Lambda integration events into native Rack Environment objects which are sent directly to your application. Lamby can do this when using either API Gateway REST API, API Gateway HTTP API's v1/v2 payloads, or even Application Load Balancer (ALB) integrations.

Coupled with AWS SAM and CloudFormation, your Rails project becomes the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) source of truth for all your AWS Resources. SAM allows you to declare these resources & policies so you never have to worry about access keys, secrets, or any manual ClickOps process ever again.